PixelTime is more than just an innovative Home based, Web Design Business Located in Johannesburg South. Hello, my name is Shayne Prinsloo (Web Designer and Web Developer), I have been designing websites for than 10 years. My expertise include, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. All websites are custom designed and coded using the above programming languages.


Way back in 2007, I needed to have a website made for my fly fishing business. Having no understanding or web design experience, I bought a web design software package, that filled in all the blanks & details for me. The types of packages were extremely limited on what you can do for website elements such as SEO and SERP Ranking.

Google at the time were introducing new algorythms continuously, which would affect your websites page ranking along with other goodies. With my website SERP rankings starting to drop off, I decided to learn how to code (web development). This started giving me more and more freedom on how I could make all the necessary adjustments as required by Google. Today that is all history and coding websites has become my passion and profession, along with fly fishing.

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